Innovocean’s 6-Month Reflection: January – July 2023.

A surge in footfall, brand new sites, tech that will make you gasp. We did it – together.

Unexpected Access. Unexpected Design. Unexpected Tech.

As we look back on the past six months, even amidst a challenging economic recession, the pressure of an ever-evolving marketing landscape, the multiple needs of a multifaceted audience, and the ever-looming load-shedding, we’ve seen our clients soar. Through innovation, adaptation, and imagination, our clients have been able to harness the power of unexpected access, tech and design, to create moments of magic for visitors to the V&A Waterfront and impact their bottom line.

A Surge in Impressions and Footfall.

One measure of success is the surge in monthly footfall and impressions. Compared to the same period in the previous year, we’ve witnessed a remarkable increase ranging from 13% to an astonishing 23%! This increase isn’t just a statistic; it represents the diverse tapestry of visitors who have graced The V&A Waterfront, forming a dynamic audience that engages with our advertising in unexpected ways.

Staying Ahead Through Innovation.

At Innovocean, we pride ourselves on being trailblazers, setting the pace for the future of advertising. From programmatic advertising that allows marketers to take control of their campaigns, to personalised advertising that tailors messages to individual preferences. Interactive NFC-enabled billboards bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms and anamorphic billboards that catch eyes from unexpected angles. On top of this, our data-driven insights that guide our strategies and allow us to create that personalised touch that makes every interaction meaningful.

New Sites and Cutting-Edge Tech.

To maximise areas of the V&A Waterfront that benefit from high levels of footfall, we’ve unveiled a multitude of new and revamped advertising sites, embedded with all the Innovocean innovations (say that fast 10 times). On top of this, we are transforming static sites into digital ones, allowing us to embed technology into these spaces, and offer more opportunities to get your brand seen in the right space, at the right time.

No Load Shedding Here.

In a world where reliability is key, we’ll never let your brand fade into the darkness. That’s why when load-shedding casts its shadow across South Africa, we say “no thanks!”, as our billboards stay online 18 hours a day, ensuring that your brand’s story shines bright no matter what.

Spotlight on Sustainability.

It’s important to consider the bigger picture, which is why sustainability is a ripple throughout every facet of our business. Why? Because we don’t want to just avoid things like load-shedding, we want to actively be a part of solving the energy crisis! The recent Energy Observer Event at the V&A Waterfront showcased the convergence of sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technology. The locally made solar panels that adorn the Energy Observer ship mark a significant stride toward overcoming energy challenges and are testament to the resilience of human ingenuity and the potential for a greener, more sustainable future.

Here’s to tomorrow.

As we reflect on the past six months, we celebrate this dynamic, unpredictable, and ultimately transformative time. Through innovation, engagement, a commitment to sustainability, and the unwavering belief that strategy, data and insights will build our client’s businesses, we will continue to redefine out-of-home advertising for years to come. If you want to be part of this journey, let’s have a conversation. Together we can make Out of Home work for you.