NFC enabled advertising? Only from Innovocean.

Tap your way into interactive, engaging advertising and marketing at the V&A Waterfront.

Involve. Engage. Inspire.

Picture this: It’s Easter weekend. The sun is shining. The V&A Waterfront is packed with families and friends enjoying their time together. There’s a special magic in the air. We’re adding to the magic with our Digital Out-of-Home Totems. Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to our new Near Field Communication or NFC-enabled Digital Totems, we created an Easter Egg Hunt to add festive cheer and give our clients some unexpected exposure. But let’s take a step back to chat about NFCs and how you can use them to connect with your target audience in an interactive and engaging way.

How did NFCs come about?

NFCs aren’t a new technology. They’re just incredibly under-utilised – something we’re here to change. In the early 2000s, Sony, Philips, and Nokia collaborated to create a wireless communication technology that allowed secure and easy data transfer between devices in close proximity. NFCs were first used in contactless payments and access control, but quickly made their way into marketing as they let consumers interact directly with campaigns.

How do NFCs work?

Small chips that store information are housed in tags, which can be read by NFC-enabled devices, such as a smartphone. When the device and tag are close together, the tag sends a signal and shares its information. By adding NFC tags onto all 15 Digital Totem Panels, inside and outside the V&A Waterfront, shoppers can now engage with your marketing material.

One tap. Countless possibilities.

Here are a few ways that your brand can use NFCs to increase awareness, memorability and drive sales at the V&A Waterfront. It all depends on what info is stored on the tags and what message you share, so let’s work together to use NFCs to deliver on your objectives.

1. Location targeted content:
Draw in a shopper from anywhere in the V&A Waterfront into your store by connecting them to maps to find you and even offering them a deal.

2. Drive online traffic:
Get shoppers to visit your website or social media, where they can connect with you, find info about a product, get a deal, or learn about an event happening in store.

3. Lead Generation:
Create a form where shoppers input their data to qualify for a deal or receive info. You can share a limited time offer, which could drive immediate sales.

4. Pop Up Shop:
Make a unique “online store” where shoppers can buy products or order food ahead of time via the totem, then make their way to the store to collect their product.

5. Product information:
Feature products on the totems that shoppers can engage with on their phones, to find more detail about pricing, features, and reviews.

NFC Case Studies to get you inspired.

On Easter, each NFC tag was linked to an Easter Egg. To win a prize, participants raced through the V&A Waterfront to scan the tags. They were asked to verify their details, which revealed a riddle to help find the next egg. With over 50,000 impressions and an increase in views to our client’s websites, it was a great experience for shoppers and brands.

In their Share to Go campaign, Samsung used NFC posters to tell the world that their phones were NFC-enabled. By tapping the NFC posters, Samsung customers could browse videos, music and ebooks and download them automatically!

Ralph Lauren & KFC
Ralph Lauren used NFCs in Harrods to give shoppers a map to find their products. Similarly, KFC used a map to direct people to their closest KFC. Whether it’s for products or services, you can get people interested in your offering and help them find it.

Let’s talk NFC benefits.

1. Data and Analytics:
NFCs can be used for data capture, to track campaign engagement, and to provide valuable insights that can be used to refine and improve future campaigns.

2. Convenience and Ease:
As users don’t need to connect their device to WiFi or download an app, NFC marketing is one of the easiest ways to exchange information.

3. Engagement and Awareness:
NFCs allow brands to create interactive and personalised experiences for their customers, which can lead to increased engagement, awareness and brand loyalty.

Go on, capture their attention.
Engaging people in new and exciting ways is crucial for brands who want to stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace, build emotional connections, and drive sales. The V&A Waterfront is home to locals and tourists alike – and with 6.92 billion people using smartphones, including 22 million South Africans – the world of NFTs is primed to get you and your customers connected… with a tap.