When Data Driven Technology met Out of Home Advertising.

The down-low on how Innovocean’s hi-tech DOOH Media Opportunities build your business.

What unexpected technology does Innovocean offer?

BRB, we’re going IRL.

Social Media and Digital Advertising has brought brands, organisations and media teams a veritable downpour of technology, design opportunities, insights and data that can be used to build their businesses. Design that makes jaws drop. Tech that shifts campaign direction at the click of a button. Insights that dive deep into the human psyche to understand interests, needs, and wants. It’s changed how campaigns are run, it’s changed how budgets are set, it’s changed the entire media landscape. And now it’s changing all over again.

First up. The digital world has become overwhelming.

The social landscape has turned into a pocket-sized sales convention. We all know the feeling of needing a break from the daily grind and sitting back for a mindless scroll. But now, instead of catching up with friends, drooling over a recipe, or watching a DIY video, you’re bombarded by ads. It’s time that advertising was focussed in a setting where people are not just open to brand messages, but are actively looking for them.

Second. People are craving engagement.

And not the Social Media kind. Now, more than ever before, they’re desperate for real life experiences. After the disruption caused by the pandemic, we know that shopping habits may not be the same ever again. But the V&A Waterfront is not simply a “shop”. It’s an entertainment destination for everyone, every single day. A place where people can escape their homes, reconnect, and engage their senses, as they touch, feel and explore their world.

Permanent attractions like the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Two Oceans Aquarium, The Watershed, Scratch Patch, PlayDate Superpark, Ster Kinekor and the Imax, the new Cape Wheel, and Zeitz MOCAA keep people coming back year round; and world-class events like the Eprix, The Oceans Race, Swing Dance, SA X Games, The V&A Motor Show, The Waterfront Kids Market, Waterfront Summer Tango, Africa Fashion International and so many more, are highlights in the Cape’s local and tourist calendar.

Finally. OOH has played catch up and it’s winning. 

All the good stuff that makes digital platforms so nuanced and insightful is now available in real-life. And where better a place to take advantage of this technology, than South Africa’s most visited tourist destination – the playground of business people, tourists, families, teens, kids and everyone in between – the V&A Waterfront.

V&A Waterfront Media Advertising: the Innovocean way.

Out of Home advertising and other large-scale media placements were once simply about shouting from the rooftops and hopefully driving awareness. But now, thanks to our unexpected technology housed in unexpectedly beautiful design, we can provide nuanced detail that can help you make meaningful campaign decisions, attract your key audience, test your campaign material, and build your business. 

What unexpected technology does Innovocean offer?

Anamorphic Design
Take attention-grabbing to the next level with the capabilities of our larger-than-life anamorphic screens, which give you the power to create mind blowing 3D visuals that jump out at the viewers.

Check out the video below to see how ReMax used the visual impact of Anamorphic Design and the targeting and process impact of programmatic buying, to create a Digital Out of Home world first, flighted from the V&A Centre Court’s flagship corner-wrap digital screen and free-standing totems.

Campaign Optimisation
To deepen engagement and increase awareness, recall and perception, create a custom experience using dynamic content. Tactical content can update in real-time, reacting to conditions or data, such as changes in weather, news, sports, travel times, countdowns and more.

On-Screen Cameras
By installing world-class, motion-aware cameras to our sites, and overlaying their data with facial recognition technology, we can give you audience insights like no other. This lets us determine the demographics of who is looking at your ad, for how long, if they liked it or not, and so much more. 

Programmatic Buying
With greater demand for accountability and in-house management of campaigns by advertisers, we’ve created a broad and accessible network that allows automated buying and real-time optimization using sophisticated algorithms, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

User Generation
This new experience for South African consumers, enhances the experience between shopper and advertiser. Engage users like never before, as they are given the opportunity to create personalised content that will appear in real-time on our digital billboards.

Check out this video to see how ReMax used the visual impact of Anamorphic Design and the targeting and process impact of programmatic buying, to create a Digital Out of Home world first, flighted from the V&A Centre Court’s flagship corner-wrap digital screen and free-standing totems.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to offer beautiful, futuristic design solutions, embedded with tech, to enhance the deployment and consumption of advertising. It’s how we continually create memorable moments for shoppers and give advertisers insights and brand building opportunities like never before.